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You should learn Objective C. Why? Sure, the program language itself has some pretty nifty quirks, but from an objective point of view, the language offers nothing out of the extraordinary or ground breaking as far as programming languages go. Many programmers, however, have reported a somewhat easy transition from C or C++ to Objective C. Although not a prerequisite, having a solid understanding of object oriented programming eases the transition. So what are the reasons you should be learning Objective C?

You may have heard of a small Cupertino, California business named Apple. They like to put an “i” in front of common words when naming their products – how trendy. Some of these products have become wildly popular, i.e. iPhone and iPad. Development on these “i” devices is huge. What language is utilized on these devices? You guess it – Objective C. The monthly stats from Jobs Tractor confirm that Objective C jobs are in high demand. In fact, the last two months of 2011 showed that Objective C developers were the third highest sought after programmers, behind Java and PHP respectively.

People program for one of two reasons: hobby or means of living. From the hobby perspective, the pure volume of iPhone and iPad users and the unique interface and experience these devices utilize are reason enough to experiment with Objective C. From a professional viewpoint, Objective C’s demand is tightly coupled with the popularity of the devices that utilize it. Thus, as these and future Apple products continue to have a strong presence, if not domination, in the market, so also will Objective C have a significant demand in the professional marketplace. Now is an excellent time to learn this language and take advantage of a market with increasing demand and limited supply. Every moment you delay learning Objective C is another moment other job applicants or companies are jumping on board getting ahead of you.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and learn Objective C!

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Michael Marr is a IT staff Writer for WebProNews.

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